On February 4, 2015 published "Daily Reading + 2015"

Short Description: This “Calendar” in the e-book format has been prepared for daily readings. Latvian families who live in Latvia and outside have hoped it for reading. It has been prepared for reflection and as a font of moral support for the whole family, independent of the fact if the family speaks Latvian or English.
 In the Calendar clergy and lay preachers will find liturgyfor Sundays and feast days, which were prepared by V.Kolms. These have been published in pre-publish edition.
This calendar includes daily Bible readings in both language (English and Latvian), historic facts, as well cultural/historic articles, with are shared by Dr.h.c.Guntis Eniņš. These open an insight about not only known, but very interesting cultural/historic object in Latvia, which are part of Latvian traditions and environment-our people’s inheritance. In these descriptions are included stories about cross stones, cross pines and floating islands. 
In the calendar you will find interesting data, which associate with historic happenings in Latvia, which connect with historic Church and history of our people.  

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