On September 6th, 2016 published "Daily Readings + 2017 Latvian-English Texts"

Short Description: For the Third year this Calendar is being prepared electronically, it ishoped that it will be used as the daily reading without difficulties.  It is intended for all Latvian families, in Latvia or those who live away from Latvia. It is dedicated as a source for reflection and a strength for the whole family,  independent of the language that family members speak, whether Latvian or English. 
In this calendar, both clergy and laymen will findSunday and feast dayliturgies(which have been prepared by V. Kolms. These versions are the same as the pre-published edition). 
This calendar has been prepared in coordination with the LELB Church and its Archbishop Jānis Vanags.  As well as with Dr. Gundars Ceipe,  who represents the Church of Brethren in Latvia, and has his given permission to reprint his congregation’s chosen readings for the year 2016. 
A “Thank you” toDr. Valdis Tēraudkalnsfor permitting the use of the latest translated Bible texts. As well as a “Thank you” to the Lockman Foundation for permitting the use of the New American Standard Bible text.
A “Special Thank you” to Reverend and painter Atis Bambāns with his permission we can enjoy his paintings used for cover and monthly illustrations.
Continuing the tradition that the Calendar contains information on cultural history, which is associated with the formation of Latvian statehood. This time in collaboration with Agris Dzenis Mag. hist. - published a series of articles on twelve families - their efforts to maintain their personal independence and freedom through the centuries - from 12th century to present. Latvian statehood idea did not develop without having their roots in history of independent families and Baltic nations - Latgallians, Semigallians, Curonians, Vends, Livonians, Sellonians.  It is also closely linked with the entry of Lutheran Church in Livonia and the formation of the Moravian Church in the Latvian territory. You will be able to read about the Curonian Kings, who donates the bell to the church, and about Livonian-German who served as vicar at the Dome Cathedral in Riga. You will learn about families which chose assimilation into the German culture and forgot their roots. Also, you will be able to read about families which lost their granted freedom and their statehood.
Section which is designed for parents and guardians will provide information on how to help explain the events that are reflected in the media, which carries information on the violence against other people. How to explain the news/events without creating trauma. Specialthanks to Dr. Alan Steinberg Associate Director of the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute), who gave permission to publish materials in the Calendar.
In cooperation with Laima Brencis published material which describes the issues related to forcefulremoval of children from families ofthe Latvian Republic nationals, which are located outside the Latvian. The issue has become a painful topicality of many families, which are located outside the Latvian. Laima Brencis provides a practical points of view and possible solutions to this issue.
In the Calendar you will find interesting tidbits, as they relate to the historic happenings in Latvia, as well as their connections with the Church and history.

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